A Selection of Kerry's Writing

Corona Trip (PDF)

Cougar Sightings and Belief Systems (PDF)

Horse Logging Notes (PDF)

Kayaking the Kenai Fjords (PDF)

Organic Hunting (PDF)

Social Distancing (PDF)

We Must Have a Consensus (PDF)

When Did We Know (PDF)

The Banging On The Front Door Began At About 10 PM (PDF)

Rural Baja Mexico (PDF)

We Do Have A Migration Going On At This Moment (PDF)

Corruption (PDF)

Choose Your Own Topic (PDF)

Part 1 - The Gas Boom (PDF)

Part 2 - Where Do We Go From Here (PDF)

Cold Water Kayaking in SE Alaska (PDF)

Gitche Gumee Anyone? (PDF)

The Hunting and Trapping Community (PDF)

Yukon (PDF)

Trophies, a novel

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